My book nearing completion is 'Globalizing Psyche: Symbol shift from myth to the corporatization of institutions'.

The mists of an unrecorded past still envelope the Dorian invasions and the of the Trojan War; but they are evidence of the period of 'globalization' from which the culture of ancient Greece emerged to mould intellectual structures still dominant in global culture. Yet the past half millennium has been building, ever-faster, to a radical transition. Wars, migrations and new technologies have destabilised cultures, while the intellectual stimuli of capitalism and digital thinking changed the mental landscape.

Our advantage gained from the early Greeks is that we have their history of symbol shift and socio-economic change as clues to our immediate future; the question: how can we use it? Since I argue that symbol shift is a key outcome in globalization process, the initial method of 'Globalizing Psyche'is to develop the symbolic theme: